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About Us


Our Vision

Our Mission

To be Saskatchewan’s #1 trusted source for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) offering quality, dependable service for all.

Connecting Saskatchewan’s people and communities by inspiring trust in mobility (MaaS).

Hey Taxi is proud to say we are affiliated with and supported by one of the most innovative and efficient ground transport companies in Canada, who is recognized across North America for exceeding the stringent requirements of regulators in the industry.

The public makes use of many well established locally known branded services in Saskatchewan. Hey Taxi services is efficiently operated with the use of superb logistics technology.

We have well established systems for efficient customer service and dispatching processes that are uncompromised for our drivers & passengers who rely on efficient distribution of trips.  Hey Taxi’s state of the art transportation technology in their Passenger & Business Solutions App.


We strive to achieve the highest standards of service, and efficient support infrastructure needed for moving people safely. We firmly believe in the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) philosophy. We continually work towards being a part of a future where transportation service providers integrate & collaborate to offer the highest of efficiencies and lowest of wait times to all walks of life.


We handle contracted transportation services for large corporate, commercial and government customers with our innovative Business Solutions App (Platform).


Hey Taxi the brand may be new but the experience & knowledge within the industry is not. Hey Taxi is owned and operated with decades of history.

Hey Taxi also benefits from the most experienced, modern knowledge within the “vehicle for hire” industry. This allows us to be on the cutting edge in our efforts to always be ahead of the curve and offer Saskatchewan what will be the next best thing for MaaS.

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